The fact that I named this crazy ol' piece "Skiptomy.lou" in 2019 after my name felt super risky to begin with, but I not only did this all out of boredom. Growing up on computers and such, I was inspired by the cool parts of the internet; y'know, when you had Shockwave Flashes, JavaScript, RealPlayer or Windows Media Playor skins back in the day and you've been learning like HTML colors and file storages. Like, how menu bars, headers, footers, logos, toolbars, and/or some sorts of crispy internet browsers be really animated.

Years and years later of me doing what I love most about discovering other styles of wrbsite themes, desigining and such, I also remember coming across CodePen and surfing back and forth again, out of boredom.

Would I use this STML idea I birthed besides the internet or mockups? If so, what if I wanna use this idea for my one and only usual (music)? I'll explain sooner. But no it's absolutely not gonna be a label or any of the sort you would think of, because using it like that would take up too much of that space for me and I feel like that won't fit with why STML is like the half innocence in me and what I might wanna do. Besides, I already had much up my sleeves. - ALJ.